The Dolls

I decided to focus on the hobbies and figure out where things are…. March 2020 is the month for the dolls – more to follow. The 4 x 6 method below is how I'm going to do it - 100 photos @.29 each equals 29.00 for sanity sounds good to me. 200 = 58.00.  The photo and card can be redone later if I get to it - now to get started and more importantly figure out where to start!!! Lots more 4 x 6 cards to add...the collection is big. These are my 4 x 6 cards feel free to email me at if you have questions.

Original Outfit Castaway Island 3/1/2020

Joss Daytona Beach 2020

Original Outfit Castaway Island 3/1/2020

Orig outfit park on San Pablo Rd

Lea Orig outfits

Orig outfit - I think in Cinci

orig outfit Morris Drive Fairborn

Nellie's original outfit

Addy - Original Outfit

Kendall  Orig outfit

Original outfit in the girls suitcase 1