the dolls – Pajamas

I decided to focus on the hobbies and figure out where things are…. March 2020 is the month for the dolls – more to follow. The 4 x 6 method below is how I'm doing it - 100 photos @.29 each equals 29.00 for sanity sounds good to me. 200 = 58.00.  The photo and card can be redone later if I get to it - now to get started and more importantly figure out where to start!!! Lots more 4 x 6 cards to add...the collection is big. Today's project - the pajamas! I went to DC in 2015 - there was a "special" that you could stay in a hotel and have a pj party with your doll for $500 - I went shopping for pj's and I started having pj parties when I traveled - 1 more suitcase and they don't charge extra for dolls. My dolls are spoiled they like queen or king size beds a lot! The best pj parties are at hotel Debbie when you don't have to pack a suitcase. The pajamas are below - I'll add some of the pj parties later.

Kit @ home

Tia Maria - I smocked this

Suzie at home

Samantha @ home

Grace at home

Ruthie w Samantha's bear

Ronnie at a PJ Party

Lea @ the cabana Bay Beach Resort pj party

Felicity @ home

Addy in a gown I smocked

Lindsey @ home

Kazu at a PJ Party