the dolls – Halloween the costumes

I decided to focus on the hobbies and figure out where things are…. March/April 2020 is the month for the dolls – more to follow. The 4 x 6 method below is how I'm doing it - 100 photos @.29 each equals 29.00 for sanity sounds good to me. 200 = 58.00.  The photo and card can be redone later if I get to it - now to get started and more importantly figure out where to start!!! Lots more 4 x 6 cards to add...the collection is big. Most of these pictures were taken over several years. The photos were taken with Linda - my cohort in crime when it comes to photo shoots. The original goal was to get a good photo of each of the dolls in their respective costumes - it became "the boo crew" Hundreds of photos later these are the costumes. The next photo shoot will be October 2020 - lets hope we are back to normal by then.

Nellie at Smith Gardens

Kirsten - Scarecrow Row Oakwood

Addy at San Pablo Rd Jacksonville

Will - the infamous first Photo Shoot w Linda

Ruthie at Smith Gardens

Lindsey at Smith Gardens

Lucie at San Pablo Rd Jacksonville

Debbie at San Pablo Rd Jacksonville

Julie at Smith Gardens

Felicity at Smith Gardens

Annie at the Corner Market

George at Smith Gardens

Suzie at Smith Gardens

Heidi at Smith Gardens

Ronnie at San Pablo Rd Jacksonville


Aria at Smith Gardens

Kia - Rt 48 Grandmothers Gardens

Nellie At Smith Gardens

Patience @ Smith Gardens

Mary Catherine @ Smith Gardens

Julie @ San Pablo Rd

Ben @ Lindas in Cinci

Kazu @ Smith Gardens

Michael @ Grandmothers Garden Rt 48

Samantha in Dresden OH

Kit Pumpkin Farm - First photo shoot

Molly at Smith Gardens

Elizabeth @ San Pablo Road

Jenko @ Smith Gardens

Grace @ Smith Gardens