Dolls Days of December

These are pages I made in 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 and 2018 - 2019 for my Days of December Project - they are my dolls and my friend Lindas doll's. This is how they look in my albums - there are 2 of them. I have 1 and Linda has 1. I'm about to need the 2nd one.... The Days of December project is my all time favorite - people around the world participate. More dolls to do .. a few pictures and pages to change...It will be an ongoing project - If you need to know what I used - email me at  I am working on fixing this ...until next year 2020 sorry!!!

Dolls Day of December inset page

Dolls Day of December inset page

Days of December - Title Page

Linda's Heidi and Nell

Nellie and Heidi

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Kia and Kirsten

Dolls Christmas Tree

My American Girl Tree

Linda's Carys and Silly

Linda's Cressida

Nellie and Ronnie

The Crew


Lindas Nell and Marti Ann

Linda's Newgenia





Ruthie and the tree

Heidi and Erik

Lindsey and Jolly


Linda's Carys

Hope and Steven

Christmas Baking

Linda's Aurelia and Steven

Faith Asheville 2016

Dolls Upstairs Play Room



Linda's Miranda

Linda's Miranda

Linda's Present