Dolls 4 x 6 The Accessories

I decided to focus on the hobbies and figure out where things are…. March 2020 is the month for the dolls – more to follow. The 4 x 6 method below is how I'm going to do it - 100 photos @.29 each equals 29.00 for sanity sounds good to me. 200 = 58.00.  The photo and card can be redone later if I get to it - now to get started and more importantly figure out where to start!!! Lots more 4 x 6 cards to add...the collection is big.  I added them as I went through the process of putting them away. Today's project - closet 2! These are my 4 x 6 cards feel free to email me at if you have questions.

Coconut in the suitcase 2

In the box - never opened not good

Cabana Bay Beach Resort March 2016

In the box - never opened not good

now I need to find Licorice so he can play ...

these are in Addy's trunk

At home 8149 Woods Basket month

These are in Addy's trunk

Linda's doll in Cinci

Lindsey and the Pajamas

Mama cat and kitten they like to hide

San Pablo Apt 2015 - the first 4 to arrive in FL

Its like Christmas when you go through things.

Quilt - AG Weekend Chicago Gift exchange