A few years ago – I decided to photograph the basket collection – these are the 31 pages in my album in the order I have them. (more to do) I collected baskets and I sold baskets – fyi I was my own best customer. I have 100+ In 2000 Fred(now my x husband and even better friend) made me a deal and it was perfect for me – I was already on overload with the amount of space they were taking up. The offer was if I would give up baskets for a year he’d take me to Hawaii – FYI Hawaii was worth it – the trip was in January ... that's a long time to keep your promise. Since then the count has not gone up….I did get some newer ones but only if 1 left the house… that was my own self imposed rule. When I moved to Florida in 2015 it was time to downsize (as you can see below it was time) – some were given as gifts and some I sold in a series of garage sales. In 2020. I decided to focus on the hobbies and figure out where things are…. February 2020 is the month for the baskets – more to follow.

Baskets Title page

Christmas Baskets 1

Christmas Baskets 2

Christmas Baskets 3

Christmas Baskets 4

Mamaw's Basket tree

Mamaws Basket Tree

Herman and the Halloween Baskets

On the dock by my apartment on San Pablo Road

Breast Cancer Awareness baskets

these little baskets are in the studio at home

These baskets are in the closet in a big blue flip box

They are on display from May to Labor day

Baskets here

Baskets there

Baskets Everywhere 1

Baskets everywhere 2



Too Damn many ...

Too damn many take 2

No More Baskets!!!!

No more baskets take 2

Autumn baskets in Cinci!

Deck the halls - this is in my new home

Century Basket

Darning Basket

Easter Baskets

Sweetheart Baskets

GSO Garage Sale Basket Collage

these are the baskets each one will be a 4 x 6 idea card when I get done