Debbie Douglas – A little about me

Hi Everyone – Welcome to Scrap A Page A – more or less with me – Debbie Douglas.


I offer one on one help as you learn the very basics of digital scrap booking. My goal is to teach you very simple pages and send you on your way to being a digital artist. I sincerely hope the artist that is inside of you will go on to great things. If you have questions just ask email address is

I currently live in Florida - I'm currently living my life 1 day at a time.

Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy your journey wherever the road may go….

My Scrapbook Journey - I started making scrap books in high school with my grandmother(Mamaw) – we made 3 photo albums – 1 for each of her daughters – we used the magnetic albums and added names and dates. I put my photos in the magnetic albums until sometime around 1992 I went to my first “crop” and started with my wedding photos…(hint- start with something less important). I wanted to use stamps in my book….I openly admit I have zero original art skills… I copy what other people do - I am a scrap lifter at heart. In 2014 I made a promise to myself to do my own thing and not scrap lift .... so far so good ... but every so often I see a page I just can't resist - it has helped me meet and make so many digital friends.

I was a paper scrapbooker until 2011… I took classes – made friends attended crops and used what I learned on multiple layouts and enjoyed it a lot…but I got frustrated when I took the paper classes… because I wanted to do them exactly the same… the materials weren’t always there…. I’d make a wrong cut… and I accumulated a very huge stash. In 2011 I set out to teach myself Digital scrapping…I had played with it a bit but I thought I could do more so I treated myself to a digital class …I’d just teach myself…. I had met someone and she recommended a tutorial by Cassie Jones called “Mixing it Up” - this tutorial is by far my favorite to this day- so I went online and bought it …. Paper class $25…. Digital class $25… it made sense to me.

Later the same year I found out so much more on my journey in the world of scrapbooking then one of those friends I met said she had just signed up for a class that Jana Morton was teaching…Blending and Beyond… I immediately signed up…Jana’s classes changed everything about how I scrapbook…it was such an eye opener.

In 2012 I signed up for classes from Pattie Knox – Pattie sadly left this world in 2013 – she touched my heart and my life and I forever will be in her debt….. I’m sure she’s in heaven saying…I’ll toot my own horn…. I taught her that. Her products and classes have been retired – but her spirit lingers in the hearts of many – she was indeed one fantastic light in this world.

In 2013 I started this site.

In 2014 my scrapbooking changed a lot in September it just happened I was taking a class - I participated in challenges and then I won a guest Spot with Anna Aspnes at OScraps for 1 month it was awesome.

In 2015 my scrapbooking changed again I was a cheery-o at OScraps for 2 months. It was good. Life has a way of showing you what's truly important - making the memories - sometimes scrapbooking needs to wait!!!

In 2017 my scrapbooking changed again I went back to working full time. It is good. My scrapbook time is greatly reduced but I love my new home and I need to pay for it and everything else!!!!

The list of people I have scrap lifted would be 1000+ to those I did not give credit too… I am sincerely sorry…. Please know your art made my life better….to those that answered my questions and the friends I have made along the way ….you know who you are…. and to anonymous I send my heart filled with the most sincere thanks you can imagine!!!