Halloween 2006 – this is one of my all time favorite photos for the dolls.   FYI the doll album is a work in progress the photo shoots have occurred almost every year since 2004.  I add to the album as I add doll costumes.  In 2015  I dressed 27 dolls and did a few photo shoots –  Linda and I usually do the photo shoots together  - I miss Linda a lot!!!

Last week I attended Scrapaneers live event ….I’m going back and listening to the recordings and doing what I call homework for me and playing with what I learned ….this one is from Anna’s class …. I played a lot ….there’s 50+ layers in this one….I started with the photo and this is where I ended ….now comes the hard part …. What did I use lol!!!

the witches feet and cat inside the o Haunted Silhouettes Brushes and Stamps No. 01
the scroll under the title Layer Works No. 597
WarmGlows No. 7-3 class freebie you can find it here
paper, extra leaves in trees, pumpkin at the foot of the stairs ArtPlay Palette Autumn Cheer
frame - I used it like vellum and bats Boo-Tiful by Traci Reed
crocheted pumpkin in the o ArtPlay Palette Pumpkin Patch
font is CF Jack Story w/ birch style by mommyish aka Leah Riordan