I saw the lift for this week and I went out and set the table for 1 …. Took a few photos …. Had dinner and then I scrapped this. Eating alone is by far not my favorite thing to do ….the things I do to make it better include eating outside at this little table – with flowers and a crystal wine goblet….most often someone else does the cooking and I just heat it up….I took lots of layers on and off before I called this one done. Today’s flowers are my orange begonia’s they are a $12 treat that brings a smile to my face each and every time I see them. Next mission on operation eat outside includes a grill and an umbrella – but I need a truck to go get them…I hope it happens soon.
Process - what I remember… the photo has 8 layers all linked together the top layer on all 4 photos is Rough Pastels with a canvas texture the numbers are Stroke length 22 detail13 scaling182 and relief 42
The mesh APP Grafitti is on a blending mode of soft light.
I added 2 of Annas transfers from Daffodil and I change 1 layer to orange to match the begonias via hue and saturation
I added Light leaks 1 because Berry 18 did they are on a blending mode of overlay - I could not get the same effect she did but I sure tried... I think I need Light Leaks #2.
My background paper is from APP Canyon solid paper 1…it is also over all the transfer layers with a blend mode of multiply and 78% opacity to tone the colors.

You can see the inspiration and challenge here its on page 1 the first post
Annas Scraplift 5/23-29/2015
ArtPlay Palette Canyon
ArtsyTransfers Daffodil
ArtPlay Palette Metro Graffiti
LightLeaks No. 1
UrbanStitchez No. 5