fyi thanks to scrapbooking and facebook I now know my aunt Dodie made these and that my great grandmother taught her how to stitch too and that she was surprised that Mamaw(her mom) had these all these years laters.

This is the page I made for the 1 kit 5 ways at – this is the process – most likely not what everyone else does – but it works for me – I downloaded the kit and I saw the stitched flower(-3) – it immediately made me think of my Mamaw’s toaster cover and pillow cases I had folded and put away a few days ago…its my job to go through things and to figure out what to do with it all…I have no clue….I got out my camera and snapped the pictures you see plus a few more….I added the background paper(-6) that most made me think of the walls at my great grandmothers home – I wonder who stitched the toaster cover or the pillow case – and I don’t know – maybe someone else in my family will when they see this on their pc….I added the beaded stem (-5) – because it made me think of the days I embroidered and added beads and things…I added a couple of journaling blocks and added another sheet of paper to them (-12) (Ctrl G on a PC CMD G on a Mac.) It looks like linen to me….I used the elements as they come in the kit… I just made them smaller and turned them slightly – I added a drop shadow to them (Size 35 Distance 35 and Opacity 40) Last but definitely not least is the fence – its on a blending mode of soft light – no drop shadow…. I duplicated it 1 time and used it under and over the journal block. Mamaw liked toast a lot – she and her brother Robert use to make toast over an open fire together – she loved a toaster – she did not like burnt toast!!!!

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