Process: I saw a page I wanted to do a CASE of – I sent a quick pm asking if it would be ok…. Then I shopped for everything on the list that Tamsin used that I did not have in my stash…. Then I tried to do the CASE - …. Its close but I think it ended up being an inspired by – I couldn’t figure out the magic that made her page so extra special….it was not from a lack of trying … hours later ….mostly it was an opportunity to play with new toys…and a few old ones.

Seagulls by Tamsin
by Anna Aspnes
4 X 6 ArtsyKardz Summer Breeze
6 X 6 ArtsyKardz Summer Breeze
ArtPlay Palette Beach
ArtPlay Palette Break Away
ArtPlay Palette Frozen Transfers
ArtPlay Palette Vitality
ArtsyKardz Knowledge MultiPack 
ArtsyTransfers Break Away
Artsy Transfers Glance
Travel Template Album No. 1E
UrbanThreadz No. 1
UrbanThreadz No. 7