Process: Yesterday I saw a page in the gallery…it used “Hope” by Merkeley Designs I knew it was perfect for my temporary office. I have a love hate relationship with quick pages – I love the way they look - the designers make them perfect – I’m absolutely happy when there is a coordinating kit because I can scrap lift the page …learn a bit about shadows and layers and using elements in a way I would never have thought of along the way and be able to move this and that …because I nearly always need more pictures on a page or the picture in a different orientation…there were some premade borders with this kit and I just dropped it in place for the perfect finishing touch….I’m not sure how long my office will be across the hall where it is now… I’m supposed to be redoing floors …but sometimes life gets in the way of plans!!!!!
Journaling: in 2015 – I moved my office across the hall so I could refinish the floors – I have to be honest I love having my new office in Mamaw’s old bedroom – its home sweet office for now. I get to look out the picture window and see so much outside - sometimes I loose focus - but most of the time I just smile!!!!! It’s making me think where should my office be after I get the floors done!!!! I’m thinking I may move the office upstairs so I can keep having a picture window to look out....will see where it goes - I so love 2 men and a truck when I decide to rearrange things they just move it - no whining!

Borders in a Snap #6
Hope - Kit
Hope - Quick Pages

Ellen's page that inspired me