Hi I went shopping on Monday and I found this little salt and pepper shaker at the Pottery Barn outlet – I thought he was a perfect addition to the Easter decorations.
Process I downloaded the template and I saved it with a new name – then I added the picture for me it was too too small (fyi I resize and print 8 x 8) I love white space but I’m just not good at it…. So I improvised and I made all the layers bigger – I pulled on the left center bar and made them wider and the top center bar and made them taller… I was happy. The photo is duplicated 1 x and linked together – then I attached it to Caique 3 and 6. Then I added the carrot – my paper scrapbook friends did something similar except they cut about 30 layers – mine is 2 top one is on overlay. Then I added the bunny sneaking out the top…..then I played with the word art – I couldn’t help myself – I just colored away I used the marquis tool to take off what I didn’t want and the layer mask to color things different colors. I added an edge overlay and transfer and it was done!!!

You can find the details here: Copycat Challenge
Cocodous original page

ArtPlay Palette Easter Bunny
Easter WordART No. 1
ArtPlay Solids Easter Bunny