1/25/2015 – Grace Thomas is my newest American Girl doll – this is her 4 x 6 name tag. Grace came out 1/1 of this year and I ordered her on Day 1. I got a sneak peak at her the day before when my new catalog arrived – it truly was love at first sight. Grace is from the Boston area and she has to go to Paris for the summer – 5 weeks. When I made the tag – I’ll be honest its 100% for me and I had fun making it – I went to IStock photo - I knew I needed a spectacular shot of the Eiffel tower – I had 4 credits to play with – 2 photos this one was at sunrise in the spring. I took Grace outside yesterday it was sunny and very cold – and I took a picture of her from ground level …. Fyi She’s 18” tall. I extracted Grace via a layer mask she actually is 3 layers – her charm bracelet has the poster edge filter applied to place a bit of a shadow on the charms, 1 layer is paint daubs and the original layer is still there if I want to use it again. The photo is 2 layers – 1 for the pink sky and the other for the Eiffel tower. I added her name – the font is Jellyka Saint-Andrews Queen and I let it sit overnight …. This morning it needed art so I went to my stash …in the story Grace takes the photos so In my mind I figure she scrapbooks them when she gets home…I added the July – Juliet from the OScraps Collab kit Parisian holiday – bought that a while ago – who knew it would take me this long to get a chance to play with it…it needed art strokes so I went to my artsy kard stashes – I used the sun fun 4 x 6 and added the transfer and the skinny lines – I used a few more but in the end I turned the layers off and called it done. The Sun Fun Artsy kards are retired now – but not to worry …the APP Sun Fun is still in the store and I just added it to my wish list!!!! 2 kits used means I get to add 2 more 2 my stash later!!!!

Parisian Holiday
Retired by Anna Aspnes 6 X 8 ArtsyKardz Sun Fun