This is for todays Picture of the day... the prompt was multifaceted ...process get a definition via google ...crystal has multi facets .... need to wait til the sun comes out to snap this one...process I headed upstairs (thats 2 pennies for the jar.... I have to go up and down)and cleaned the waterford crystal cup it was in the closet for about 9 years and instead of putting my pennies in an ugly jar ... I'm going to use this one now....I have $1.40 so far thats 140 trips up and down... lol jar is upstairs pc is downstairs... on day 8 of the new year.... I'm guessing I'll have $70 by the end of the year...time will tell. 

The stitching around the edge is by Anna Aspnes from a retired template.
ArtPlay Palette Winter Sunrise
Spackle Textured No. 4