This was yesterday…. I played with Isabelle in the snow…. In the cold – I did a photoshoot it was 9 degrees its -9 degrees with a -26 wind chill factor….I just reached out to get Mamaws newspaper…that wasn’t a smart idea. I’ve been playing since 5 its 9:30 now….Kayleighs template 406 was perfect for my photo…. I used it almost a year ago…you will notice the background its almost the same….they go in 2 different albums and I am aok with using things more than once…especially when I like it! The little charm on Isabelles chain is by Anna Aspnes in her AP Chills kit …I just placed it over the charm she was wearing.

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The little snowman charm on Isabelles chain  ArtPlay Palette Chills
ArtPlay Palette Winter No. 2
Artplay Palette Winter Wonderland
Dorothy Collection
Layer Works No. 406
Woodside Jangle Kit
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