When I first got here at designer digitals there were a few Christmas pages that stood out for me. 
Kathie 02s page 
was one of those pages. I didn’t even understand that a lot of you did Days of December albums until about a week ago. Sometimes I’m more clueless than ever. This is the link for my cover page for the doll album I made my friend Linda in the summertime….I’ve been waiting for December to get here and now there is a sale every day and a new 99 cent item. These are photo’s of ornaments from Christmas 2008 – the last year I got to have Christmas my way! The tree and the decorations I so enjoy. Decorations or Mamaw? Mamaw wins … there’s really only room for our Charlie Brown tree … he doesn’t come out til the end of the month but I want to play with the Days of December now. I miss Christmas my way a lot! The crocheted angel is my oldest decoration it was a gift from my boss and his wife Christmas 1981. The cross stitched angel is from my father and my stepmother it came the same Christmas . The glass snowman came from my niece Katie in 2005. I made the ornament with the tree in it 2008. The snow and the snowman came from a trip to Chicago in 2008. Jack the snowman (he’s my friend) holds cookies and his head pops off to hold them… I love Poinsettias. I’m not planning to print these pages yet … just save the PSD’s til I get to get the decorations out again and photograph them all … then I will drop different photos in and add journaling.

Days of December Layered Template Set No. 02
Classic Cardstock: Christmas
Twisted Stitches: Brown No. 01

Anna Aspnes Xmas Whites No. 1
font = digs my heart