Hi everyone…. I sent another “test” group off to persnickety prints last Thursday and they arrived yesterday Saturday…3 days. I was pleasantly surprised 19 different Days of December pages…and its only the 15th of December well I do have a few pages ahead since I started in November or was it last January….LOL… redoing pages from last years Days of December...every page is really good… I see little bits and pieces of each of you when I see my pages… because I scrap lifted so many of you …. So here’s an extra big hug being sent your way with a smile on my face that is really big…..Merry Christmas !!! smile it looks like I missed 16 Bah Humbug….lol
Vinter Kit
Big Shot Album Templates
Days of December Layered Template Set No. 03
Letter Box Christmas Overlays No. 02
Flourished Christmas Paper Pack
Memory Blocks Layered Template No. 01