Hi Everyone…I’ve been happily taking pictures and I thought I needed a change on how to do the Hallmark mini ornaments layout so I started with Katie’s template … I got rid of the numbers… after all the pictures were in… so I’d have a little more space…. There are 32… but that’s because that’s how many are on the tree…. Actually there are 31 I have an extra and I don’t know which one it is til I print this layout and it’s staying there I made a list – unfortunately the list is in all caps and I’m not making that list again…I have 80+… of these so I think I’ll have to photograph some more when I put up the doll tree … maybe next year… I spent some time in the basement rearranging where the ornaments are… and I condensed them to 2 boxes….so I don’t have to go through so many boxes to find them....the ornaments are app 1 ½ inches tall - Last year I was lucky to get 15 good photos…. This year it was easier…. Which is why there is an extra picture I posted the List and the tree so you could see what it looks like…. I’m taking Jana’s class and I loved her Holly last year she used…. so I used it here…. Jeannie used the trees on her Christmas Card so I used them too… I’m determined to use some of the stuff I have in my stash…Mamaw just made cookies and they are good - we made cranberry salad yesterday and it was good too – I turned on Christmas music and I’m looking at the lights. Figured out the missing picture … it’s the Santa with the reindeer - fixed on the detail page life is good!

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