The template is from the Rectangle Quilt Class it has been retired it was previously offered for$5.00 email me at if you are interested the next time it is in the classroom! This is another page for the digidare. I played with Anna's new APP "tinge" elements - all in psd form so you can just drag and drop and have fantastic instant art!!! I used parts of all 4 elements...the twig...the belt buckle and the tape.... the charm and last but not least the clock. the date Days2Month No. 2 UrbanThreadz Framed No. 1 Square Button Artplay Palette Knowledge background texture on beige small rectangles 4 X 6 ArtsyKardz Woodland ArtPlay Palette Tinge Paperie ArtPlay Palette Tinge Transfers ArtPlay Palette Tinge Elements ScriptTease Fall Overlays No. 2 UpcycledART Paperie No. 4