Halloween is the same downtown as it has been for 50+ years – that’s about when I went there the first time….I can walk downtown and see the pirate ships …. They are larger than a 2 story house and the monsters and the zombie express that is larger than the one story house that it sits in front of…there’s 7 different hearses….multiple monsters and it is as fun as it looks – When I went to town today the skies were blue and it brought back all the memories….you can still get lunch at the grill and get your favorite treats at the candy counter.

Process I stared with Anna’s Autumn Template Album No. 1B -9 on the right…made the photo frame layers larger… made the mask larger and added my photos. I added Anna’s AP Wicked for the background and there was a paper that was perfect …except it had dots …. I added a paper from the solids and used a layer mask to hide the dots….added a brad and the page was done…. But there just weren’t enough photos’s to tell the story…this morning….I made my canvas size 24 x 12 and moved it to the right….then I added the -7 template and repeated the process….it was super easy….. all the art is in the template…turned a few layers off and it was done ….less than an hour for it all.
Autumn Template Album No. 1B
ArtPlay Wicked
ArtPlay Wicked Solids
Wicked BradPack No. 1