My Very Own Handwriting Process: One of the things I wanted this year was my very own font…. I got 2 my printing and my handwriting. I started with my 4 x 6 font master and changed the font to see my script….it was my first time to see it….I love my little font cards I can print things and try things I wouldn\'t ordinarily do...Then I added Anna’s new ArtsyKards Autumn Elegance in the store now - I have to be honest I had never tried ArtsyKards…but then I saw Anna’s tutorial and I thought I’d give it a try …. I thought I died and went to heaven ….. even I can be an artist ….all the art is in there!!!! Then I added theUrbanStitchez Pumpkins No. 1 ….and theMultiMedia Branches No. 4 – that’s the leaves with the beads. Then I made a layer of paint and colored the pumpkin, then I colored the stem and added noise to get the glitter 2 layers top one is multiply 44% opacity and the next one is normal. Then I added the circle and added the text….I’m killing 2 birds w/one stone … this is a technique I learned Monday in Jana Morton’s title class….I love the text on the circle!!!! I had this done shortly after class but I had to wait to post it ...since I was using the new nearly killed me... Then I added the picture of me and attached it to the paint from where I colored the pumpkin…then I added some more pictures I took Saturday at the park when it was freezing cold outside…. Mom cried uncle after 2 rides…me I was ready to cry uncle before we went in the park…but not Mom…..last but not least I added some UrbanThreadz No. 1-3 under the pumpkin/car so it wasn’t sitting in the air but had something under it …. I have 2 layers and I erased the extra away that was on top of my journaling etc. If you are interested the master of this technique is Adryane … There is a new tutorial on Anna’s blog she made a little girl on a swing all with threads!!!!! - wait til you see her layers palette there are tons of layers.....
ArtPlay Palette Autumn Elegance
Artsykards Autumn Elegance
MultiMedia Branches No. 4
UrbanStitchez Pumpkins No. 1
UrbanThreadz No. 1