This is another doll picture – It’s my friend Lindas and she made the dress including the smocking and the leather shoes. No Particular class homework - I love strokes on letters...and I love title time class ...and using brushes on a layer mask - why did that not click in my head sooner...... Process - I Listened to Anna’s free tutorial on the Artsy Kards(on her blog 10/2) and using brushes on the masked image. With this page I just let myself play….the photo is 2 layers the bottom one is “normal and the top one is Soft light. I made a mask …it was just a simple rectangle to clip the photo too. Then I added a layer mask to the rectangle and I used the AP Autumn Elegance brush 2234 and I brushed away the left and the right. I added a template to the bottom for added art…Artsy LT 162 - Then I added Anna’s new ArtsyKards Autumn Elegance in the store now - I have to be honest I had never tried ArtsyKards…but then I saw Anna’s tutorial and I thought I’d give it a try …. I thought I died and went to heaven ….. even I can be an artist ….all the art is in there!!!! I used pieces from all 4 of them - turned off eyeballs added deleted added some more…I am so in love with ArtsyKards and I want them all! I used an Unfortunate event for the font. It has a stroke on the outside and a stroke on the inside. The background is Autumn Elegance Solids – 4. The books are from Art Play Escape and Multi Media read.
ArtPlay Palette Autumn Elegance
Artsykards Autumn Elegance
Multimedia Read No 1
ArtPlay Palette Escape