The dolls are Heidi Ott dolls and they are my friend Lindas dolls – we did a photo shoot in their new school dresses and shoes.  My friend Linda made the dresses… and all that smocking and the leather Mary Jane Shoes.  


Process – I added the photo and I have 2 extra layers on top 1…is a layer mask to add the edge of DD’s dress over the mat. The shadow was in the photo!  The other was to take out an annoying hair that went across the dolls face…I used the bandaid tool to correct it.  For the art I added Annas new AP Elegance Paper -2 with the -5 above it and on multiply.  I added the Multi Media leaves and placed it in her hand and added more leaves to match…. I added the acorns and the leaf charm.  This is my first page as a guest CT  member for Anna Aspnes  - I am so happy!!!  

MultiMedia Branches No. 4

ArtPlay Palette Autumn Elegance