After Work one night this week I headed to the bead store downtown Jacksonville – I got the bottles last summer – they work perfectly on the Kitchen counter – when I was unpacking I found these incredible book marks my Friend Kathy Knoepfle made… I had a lot of them(6)…. so I added them to the bottles ….as these things go one thing led to another …. Bead trip run #1 I added the owl…. Bead trip run#2 – my birthday (12/1) I added a silver working bear and elephant as in the arms and head and legs move…I found some Christmas things to fill in – in the stash but they needed threads just like Kathys….. and finally on Bead trip #3 I added more beads so that they now hang on both sides of the bottle – 1 you can see in the kitchen and the other in the dining room. The photos from top to bottom Kathy’s book marks – in the middle is the moon with a peace symbol and on the bottom is a glitzy hand holding a shell in a wire wrap….when I was making the page – I added one of Kathy’s beads to Anna’s beaded threads – a sea turtle...I’m becoming a night owl – I stayed up late 2 nights in a row …. There’s an imposter in the house…or maybe its someone who just needed to play with her “stash”

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