Generally, students have 5 school days for 36 weeks. This makes a total of 180 days. That means an ordinary students taking 13 years in school, including Kindergarten, has a total of 2340 days of schooling. And, all these days are mostly packed with homework in form of essays and papers. In most cases, schoolwork has timeframes and instructions that should be followed while doing it. That means some students spend much of their schooling time without having fun or engaging in general activities. In fact, some learners lack time to hang out with loved ones because they want to complete homework. It’s therefore not a wonder that some students seek assistance from sites like

Generally, many people have criticized the idea of assigning learners loads of schoolwork. This has been the case particularly for students whose English is not their first language. Nevertheless, some people argue that homework is necessary because it instills and promotes good skills in students. It also enables learners to revise what they are taught in class and even read ahead of their teachers. However, it’s also important to allow students time to hang out with friends and relatives. That’s because exercise is also good for the health of learners.