Big Pictures No. 2

kings island w mom and jim 10 2014

This class is available now for $4.00! Just click on the paypal button - not familiar with paypal or not comfortable with paypal - email me direct at and we will come up with a solution to get the class that works just for you! The recording will arrive via an email link - if something happens it doesn't arrive email me and I'll email it to you direct. There's a short recording below if you want to know a little bit more.

This class is closed for now! Email me if you want to see it the next time it's offered.


What will the Class Materials include?

• Prerecorded Videos so you can watch as I make the page showing you each step.
• Step by step written instructions you can read as you follow along.


What else do I need to purchase for this class?

• Nothing just watch the recording and add what I used to your stash when you want to. Everything I used is by Anna Aspnes and is available at Big Pictures 2 Product links

What tips/techniques will this class include?

• Make 1 page starting from scratch. Make a template and save it with a new name for future use.
• Adding photos to the page.
• Blending photos elements and overlays.
• Use tools: link and move to position your photos.
• Merging the best of templates to your page.
• How to save for printing and for the web.
• Use a layer mask and filters to enhance a photo.

Level of experience needed - This class is for someone just getting started with Photo Shop Elements.

This is a short recording so you can see a little bit more about the class.