What my life in Florida looks like these days. Can you believe its October 2017? I am back working on boxes and another garage sale - goal no boxes in the living room... laundry done house clean etc when Mom arrives in less than 24 hours...ps the boxes were in the garage before the hurricane. I really need to find the sofa for her to sit on. I took a weekend off and headed to Orlando with Ryan a few weeks ago. He flew in from Dayton to do the halloween haunted houses at Universal Studios. These are what I've been working on lately. I am just a bit behind. If you need to know what I used before I get the credits posted - email me at minideb @aol.com or face book me Debbie Douglas. You can see the pages bigger and see what I used if you click on them...

Delias Flowers from the good the bad and the ugly which is which????

10/2 garage sale - just a glimpse


Mamaws Mixing Bowls

House warming gift

Sundays with Mark

The Studio

The Kitchen

Office Collage

Virginia Beach 2015

Home Sweet Home to me!

Moving in Day

Seawalk Music Festival